I've been mainly busy with working on the iOS and Steam platform releases for Stellaren 2...

A lot had to be updated for smaller memory constraints of older iPhones. Getting it to run on iPhone 6 with 1gb RAM was a challenge but I was able to do it at the cost of increasing app size.

Two things really helped getting memory down...

  1. Splitting the sprite atlas into different files so each scene only uses the atlas it needs.
  2. Changing Audio load type from "Decompressed on Load" to "Streaming".

This will probably help with some android crash issues also, with smaller memory devices.

iphone 6, 1gb ram

This probably took 10+ hours to debug, profile, and push the fix.... my macbook literally has 128gb storage so I'm running the project on an external hard drive which is slow as hell to build and test each iteration. I'm upgrading the internal SSD to 1TB later this week so hopefully that'll help.

Before I can publish to iOS, I still have to do admob configurations, in-app purchasing changes, and adding some test options for app store reviewers. Also add screenshots for different iOS screen resolutions which will take a good half day or so.