Now that the combat system is more or less fleshed-out, been pondering what would be a good stat system for this game...

The main problem is that a lot of characters die in my story or something happens to upgrading individual character stats would be frustrating for players. Upgrading individual's weapon is not realistic either, since they use different guns.

I don't like the current approach of upgrading the entire party, as it doesn't really make for an interesting gameplay.

My favorite idea so far is to have Neuro-Mods (accessories, like amulet or ring in Diablo) that can be swapped between characters. This would give the player option to give a specific character additional movement speed, attack bonus, etc... And it would be dropped upon death of a character. Instead of upgrading, I suppose you would just purchase better Mods at the case it gets too unbalanced towards endgame.

I figure this system could also be used for Antaria later.