Hello patient supporters!
The first beta build of stellaren 2 is now available, it includes the first 8 chapters of the story.
Please note - it doesn't include other core gameplay features (combat, navigation, upgrades, etc.).

Stellaren II - Play Store

Please provide feedback either in the comments or to nineduxgames@gmail.com.

My weekend release schedule


  • 11pm - editing last 2 chapters of beta
  • 12am - write a decent store listing description and fill out all forms

Saturday & Sunday

  • edit chapters
  • realize I'm missing some art assets
  • drawing missing art
  • google play error - no 64bit apk found
  • realize unity 5.6 doesn't support 64bit, back up and update entire project to unity 2019
  • all dependencies now broken, fix dependencies and update modules
  • google play error - minimum target sdk is now 28, search google for an hour, update sdk and fix androidmanifest to target 28.
  • eat frozen pizza, now game doesn't run, have to run sdk device monitor to find out exact error
  • updating from 5.6 to 2019 causes issue, have to update activity class name in androidmanifest
  • realize gui skip button not scaled correctly, have to rebuild
  • "opted-in" for stupid google play automatic apk signing, now it won't take my apk. It won't let me opt-out unless I delete the store listing.
  • Deleted store listing, accidentally removing all the forms and descriptions I filled out.
  • Write some half-assed store description, finally upload working apk, updating to unity 2019 now apk size almost doubled, have to use expansion file -> 130mb+
  • finished