Beta 1.0.8 content update is out, details below!
Combat is a bit rough, thanks for understanding, updates to come later this week :(
I honestly didn't have enough time to do both combat stuff and story at same time.

  • Added Chapters 12 & 13
  • Added additional character art
  • Added new background art
  • Added 3 CGs
  • Added sounds & music
  • Added gameplay module

Stellaren II Play Store link


Rough past couple of weeks, was in NY for work last week.  Also ended up throwing out 10-12 hrs worth of art assets for various reasons (mainly just not good enough)...

With the new backgrounds and other art the size is really ballooning up so I need to find a solution for that.  For now, I had to reduce quality of audio / graphics just to be able to upload the AAB file. Please make sure you have enough space before install / update (~150mb).

I was facing some hardcore procrastination all weekend but somehow was able to grind out the chapters. Definitely not easy to keep momentum.